Tank Trap

Tank Trap

About this work

“I re-visited a seaside place in North Wales that I visited many times in my childhood. It had special memories for me as I was always fascinated by the concrete ‘tank traps’, remnants of World War II defences that still stand in a row along the top of the beach.

These manmade monoliths have started to decay and have an organic look about them, merging with the other rocks and pebbles on the beach. I took a series of black & white photographs and used theses as the basis of my painting which was like a huge lifesize photograph. However, I painted from life a set of stones that I had brought back from the beach in an illusionistic style so that they at once appear in front of yet merge into the picture plain.”

Giclee prints available

A limited edition of 100 prints of this picture is available. 120×90cm printed on canvas.

Also available are smaller prints on 330gsm, 100% cotton, acid free watercolour paper, 84 × 59cms.

Each print is signed and authenticated by the artist.