Hidden Face of the Mani 2

Hidden faces of the Mani 2

[acrylic and photomontage on paper: 60×42cm]

About this work

“The Mani series was inspired by recent trips to the Peloponnese in Greece. The images are a combination of views and incorporate some collage in found imagery which I have used to give an impression of the rich Byzantine history and religion of the region as if it is imbued in the very landscape.”

The original of this work is available to buy.

Giclee prints available

This painting is available as a print from a limited edition of 100, each one signed and authenticated by the artist. The images are printed at approximately the same size as the originals on 100% cotton watercolour paper using museum quality archival inks.

A print of Hidden faces of the Mani 2 measures 59.8 × 42cm.